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Elevating Orthodontic Care with Precision—Eurasia Dental

Eurasia Dental Lab, a prominent player in the medical equipment industry, specializes in crafting customized dental products. Their extensive range includes fixed restorations, implants, removable dentures, orthodontic solutions, telescopic crowns, and precision attachments. With a dedicated focus on serving dental clinics and practitioners in the United States, they’ve carved a niche as a leading orthodontic lab.

Orthodontic Excellence: A Commitment to Dental Professionals

Eurasia Dental Lab is renowned for its unwavering commitment to dental professionals. They cater exclusively to clients, including dental clinics and practitioners. Their focus is on providing tailor-made dental solutions that meet the precise needs of these healthcare providers.

Precision Backed by FDA Certification

Eurasia Dental takes pride in their FDA certification, a testament to their adherence to the highest industry standards. This certification underscores their commitment to producing top-quality orthodontic products while maintaining rigorous quality control measures.

Thermoplastic Night Guard: Unmatched Bruxism Protection

One of their standout products is the Thermoplastic Night Guard. Designed to protect against bruxism (teeth grinding), this guard is placed between the teeth to prevent clenching and grinding during sleep. It plays a vital role in preserving the enamel on the occlusal surface, making it indispensable for patients with teeth grinding habits.

Key Properties of the Thermoplastic Night Guard:

  1. Protection Against Bruxing and Grinding: The primary purpose of the Thermoplastic Night Guard is to provide robust protection against bruxism, safeguarding teeth from the damage caused by grinding.
  2. Self-Adjusting Fit: This night guard offers the closest fit by self-adjusting when pre-soaked with warm water. This feature ensures comfort and effectiveness.
  3. Efficiency and Comfort: The Thermoplastic Night Guard not only reduces chair time for post-op adjustments but also offers superior comfort to patients, making it an ideal choice for those struggling with bruxism.

The Thermoplastic Night Guard is specifically indicated for patients with sleep bruxism, effectively preventing teeth grinding during sleep.


In conclusion, Eurasia Dental stands as a beacon of precision and excellence in the field of orthodontics. With their tailor-made solutions and unwavering commitment to dental professionals, they continue to raise the bar in orthodontic care.

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