Revealing How to Play Bau Cua New88 Always Win for New Players

How to play Bau Cua and always win is a topic that many people are interested in. This is a folk game loved by all ages because of its simple and attractive gameplay. So what are the current betting tips for this game? Today’s article www.new889.blue will share the secret to always winning bets on gourds for new players.

Understand clearly how to play Bau Cua and always win

If participants want to win, they need to comply with the following rules. These rules you can use when participating in real life to win overwhelmingly. Specifically:

Bet according to the majority

A very good tip for betting on shrimp, crab and fish is that participants should bet money in large numbers. Because most people often bet on experienced players and often win a lot.

However, to use this tip, you need to bet on the first 10 games to observe. Next, you will find out who are the best fish crabs to bet money on. This is also considered a way to play Bau Cua that always wins for new players.

Bet on the animal that appears frequently

A secret for betting on crabs, shrimps and fishes that many casino veterans impart is that the numbers appear at the same frequency. These capacitors have a high rate of appearing in the next level. Therefore, keep an eye on the levels and aim for the cards that are flipped most often.

Apply farming tips

Participants can apply farming tips shared by many good players. Eg:

Raise a single pair of capacitors

This will prevent you from having to accept many losing games. Because, if you focus on a single card, you will have a low win rate. Besides, when you double the number of these cards, the winning rate will be higher. Players should remember that with this method of raising groups in pairs, they will need a stable amount of capital. In addition, you need to calculate how to bet appropriately.

Raised according to folding rules

This method is understood as follows, within the first 5 levels, the participant will raise 1 card. If in the first game this card appears, then in the next game you will double the money on that card. However, this method is only used for experienced experts who understand crab, crab, shrimp and fish. This method requires you to be persistent and spend a lot of time. The reward is not much, but you are guaranteed to lose less.

Clearly understandHow to play Bau Cua and always win This will help you win about 70%. To complete the remaining 30% win rate depends on the player’s psychology. So what should participants do to have the best psychology and spirit when participating in Bau Cua?
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A stable mentality is the way to always win when playing Bau Cua, which you should remember

Psychology is a very necessary factor when participating in betting games. Playing Bau Cua Tom Ca is the same. You need to create for yourself a cool head to calculate. Have a strong spirit to accept if you lose and then bet again. Some rules to help you ensure your psychology when betting on crab, shrimp and fish are as follows:

  • Don’t let the majority dominate your thinking. You should only follow good bettors to gain experience from them. In addition, you should not pay too much attention to the ingredients on the edges. They just make your mind confused.
  • If the participant is at the peak of victory, they should not be subjective to affect their playing psychology. Because when you feel satisfied with the results you achieve, you fall into a state of complacency and lose focus. This can cause you to lose everything in the next game.
  • If you fall into a situation where you lose too much. At this time, your psychology will most likely be discouraged and not know what to do. What needs to be done now is to stay calm to maintain your mentality. When your mind is stable, your mind can accurately judge the level of play.

Observe how to bet on shrimp, crab and fish

An easy way to bet to win money for you is to focus on tracking. The focus on monitoring is expressed in two factors:

  • Observe the players who win consecutively throughout the match to bet on them. People who get a lot of money must have great secrets and judgment. However, you will hardly know their playing style. Therefore, your only option is to follow them.
  • Observe the presence of capacitors in games to find out the rules.

These two factors will help participants have a very accurate way to play Bau Cua, which is easy to win. Those are the ways to always win when playing Bau Cua, drawing on experience from experts in this game.

Above are the sharing on how to play Bau Cua and always win. In addition, you must also bet at reputable bookmakers to ensure credibility. Players need to avoid bookies that use tricks to cheat. Because when participating at these bookmakers, you will lose all your bets at any time.

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