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Discover Winner Medical’s PPE Solution: The SMMS Surgical Gown

Ensuring a dependable and effective solution for personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential for safeguarding health and well-being. Winner Medical, a trusted brand in the industry, offers a wide range of high-quality PPE solutions to ensure your safety. Their SMMS surgical gown, in particular, provides optimal protection during surgical procedures. Let’s explore the features that make this gown a top choice for healthcare professionals.

The Power of SMMS Material: Blocking Liquids and Bacteria

Winner Medical’s SMMS surgical gown is made from hydrophobic SMMS material, specifically designed to offer maximum protection during surgical procedures involving moderate amounts of body fluids and a moderate risk of infection. The three-anti-SMMS material used effectively blocks the penetration of liquids and bacteria, ensuring a safe and sterile environment.

Enhanced Protection with Three Antibodies

The surface of the SMMS material is treated with three antibodies: anti-blood, anti-alcohol, and anti-grease. These antibodies provide resistance to common liquids found in operating rooms, further enhancing the gown’s protective capabilities. By incorporating these antibodies, Winner Medical ensures that their SMMS surgical gown meets the highest standards of protection, reaching the EN13795 standard performance-AAMI Level.

Balancing Protection and Air Permeability

While protection is crucial, comfort cannot be disregarded. Winner Medical’s SMMS surgical gown strikes the perfect balance between protection and air permeability. The gown allows for sufficient air circulation, ensuring that healthcare professionals can perform their duties without discomfort or overheating. This feature is particularly important during surgical procedures of moderate duration, where breathability is essential.


Winner Medical’s SMMS surgical gown is the ideal PPE solution for healthcare professionals during surgical procedures. The gown’s SMMS material effectively blocks liquids and bacteria, while the three antibodies provide resistance to common liquids found in operating rooms. With Winner Medical’s commitment to balancing protection and air permeability, their SMMS surgical gown offers both safety and comfort. Choose Winner Medical for your PPE needs and experience the difference their high-quality products make in ensuring your safety.

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