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Have you participated in community polls? Another site was found in Canada, where scammers call people to extract their personal information.

We have all details about Tellcityhall Scand. Scroll down to learn how you can protect yourself and your loved ones against these scams.

Tellcityhall Scam

TellCityHall, an Alta-based demand analytics company, is called. It counts secret and public-accessible locales. It also offers polls that can be used as aggravating the crowd, such as carbon taxes or cannabis.

You can use random digit dialing to perform their analyses. Its website also demonstrates its ability to meet the needs of governments as well as non-profit organizations. It is essential that the civil be kept informed, particularly when answering digital questions by phone or via email.

Contact information Tellcityhall Scam

Many people have confirmed that the ring was purchased by them. The City issued a notice to confirm that the rings were not associated with Burlington. The rings were found at the number 905-234-1298, according to residents.

Information regarding the legitimacy of this site seems to be the domain name of this website. These individuals have been receiving fraud phone calls. Based on credible Internet sources, the Tellcityhall Fraud WoT trustworthiness rating was Unknown.

All sources confirm that the Domain Blocklist Status has not yet been discovered.

This site isn’t often searched on the internet. Accordingly, this site ranks #5,863,472 in the popularity index.

The Domain was created 12 years ago (2011-04-25). This site does not have an HTTPS connection according to online research and reports. This poll is being promoted in order to increase awareness. One person reported it.

Tellcityhall Scam Is it Trending?

Please hang up if this contact is attempting to reach you, or any other contact claiming to be Tell City Hall representative. According to the Anti-Fraud Centre of Canada, it’s prudent not to trust or rely on a number-call spectacle. Although the ring seems credible, there is still the possibility that it could be fraudulent.

Important Note – All information in this article was taken from reliable internet sources.

Last Words

Tell City Hall is not responsible for any calls made in this manner. People want help and want to share their message with others.

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