The Best Ways to Boost the Speed of Your Business Broadband Connection

Large business houses often depend on a Leased Line for uninterrupted and fast internet connectivity. A broadband connection can meet the internet connectivity needs of small businesses, startups, and freelancers.

Regardless of the technology used, slow internet speeds can cause productivity problems and business losses. High-speed internet can be a competitive advantage for everyone. You may be experiencing slow broadband. This article will help you to improve your broadband speed.

How to Boost the Speed of Your Broadband Connection

Are you experiencing slow broadband speeds? The best way to get your broadband speed up is to switch to a lease line. If that sounds impossible, there are ways to increase the speed of your broadband connection. Continue reading:

Upgrade your Broadband Connection

The easiest way to increase internet speed is to move onto a faster data plan with your existing internet provider. While upgrading your broadband connection will mean a higher monthly cost, it will still be a cheaper option than switching internet providers or upgrading technology.

You Can Change Your Internet Service Provider

Numerous internet service providers are flooding the market as the internet is becoming the economic lifeline. The market has seen fierce competition. You can get a complete deal with data plans that are reasonably priced, including promotional offers, waivers of installation fees, and complimentary routers and equipment. Profit from the low prices in order to get high-speed internet for a fair price.

Upgrade your Technology

It may not be wise to stick with the same old methods when technology is changing so quickly. Fibre broadband offers a faster internet speed than traditional ADSL (copper), which can range between 40 and 120 Mbps. You can check with your internet service provider to confirm if you are covered.

Upgrade your Equipment

The technology of routers, modems and POE switches has also improved. You won’t be able to enjoy the fastest internet speeds if you stick with older technologies. Modern routers are compatible with the most recent networking technology. They have higher traffic handling capabilities, better bandwidth sharing, better range, and better transfer speeds. It is important to upgrade your network equipment in order to enjoy fast internet speeds.

Replace your Cable

Your slow internet connection could be due to an old cable with visible cracks and damage. Leak points can be caused by old, poor quality cables. This can affect the end-user’s actual speed.

Upgrade to A 5G Router

You thought 5G internet was limited to smartphones. A 5G router can increase the speed of your broadband internet connection. A 5G router upgrade is an ideal solution for businesses that are unable to switch to Leased line. A 5G spectrum will provide better connectivity and speed in fixed-line internet environments where internet speed is critical.

Get a Wi-Fi Router with Signal Extenders

An excellent Wi-Fi router will guarantee strong signal strength, even from a distance. This will allow you to enjoy faster speeds and fewer interruptions. An additional Wi-Fi signal extender can be added to improve signal strength throughout the office. To determine the best location for the signal booster and Wi-Fi router, conduct a Wi Fi survey of your premises.

A Complete Wi-Fi Network

A single router and a Wi Fi extender are ideal for small- to medium-sized offices. However, larger business houses might consider setting up a complete Wi-Fi network to provide the required internet speed. An efficient Wi-Fi network will give strong signals to all devices. Wi-Fi networks ensure that bandwidth is evenly distributed across all workstations. This allows for a more seamless Wi Fi environment in the office.

Limit Bandwidth Per Device

It is a good way to spread your broadband load among devices by limiting bandwidth. Heavy users can clog other systems and slow down the internet speed by using more bandwidth than others. This can slow down internet speeds for other users. By limiting bandwidth per device, you can ensure that each computer on the network has its allocated bandwidth.

Switch to Wired Ethernet or the LAN

Wi-Fi networks are often plagued by issues with latency and range. However, wired Ethernet connections or LANs are free from such problems. This allows for seamless internet browsing with reduced buffering and improved efficiency. If you are a small business with only one router, get a wired broadband internet connection to increase your internet speed.


A good internet connection is essential, regardless of whether it’s a Leased Line or broadband. These simple tips can help you fix slow internet. It may take some trial and error to get the fastest internet speeds at the lowest price for your business.


What’s the difference between broadband and leased lines?

Leased Line connection: This is a dedicated line that provides high-speed internet connectivity. A broadband connection on the other hand is a shared link. Multiple users can connect to the internet from the same broadband connection.

Why is leasing better for offices?

Leased lines provide high-performance internet at an affordable price. These lines are exclusive and do not share bandwidth. This ensures that you have the same upload speed as your download speed, with no downtime.

Fibre broadband connection vs Fibre Leased Line. Which one is better?

Fiber optics transmit signals at an extremely fast rate. A fibre broadband line is shared with multiple subscribers. There is also shared bandwidth. The fibre Leased Line on the other hand is a dedicated connection between the office and the data center. Users have the same upload speed and download speed as each other because there is no sharing of bandwidth. High-speed connectivity via the fibre Leased Line ensures that there is no packet loss. This makes it ideal for video conferencing, surveillance and voice-over IP.

What speed is a Leased Line?

Leased lines usually offer speeds between 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps. The cost of the plan directly affects the speed.

Why is Leased Line Connections faster than Broadband?

Leased lines provide dedicated connections that do not share resources. Leased lines also offer symmetrical speed. The upload and download speeds are the same.

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