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What’s the Best Way to Create an Instagram Business Account?

Instagram introduced business profiles in 2016 and all of its incredible features and tools. Many businesses and content creators switched to business accounts since then to take advantage of the many features offered by business profiles. Brands and influencers can also grow their following quickly thanks to the increasing popularity of Instagram organic growth tools. Using social media platforms such as Instagram, for example, has helped many accounts on OnlyFans to make it big.

You may still be curious about what an Instagram business profile can offer you and how to set one up. Continue reading to learn more!

The Benefits of Creating An Instagram Business Account

1. The Profile has convenient business features

Your brand will stand out from the rest of the “normal” personal accounts by having a business profile on Instagram. To make it easy for customers, the profile also includes convenient features such as a contact button and a business address.

2. Analytics Access

You can use the insights you gain from switching to a business account to tailor your Instagram marketing strategy. You can also view reach, impressions and interactions for your posts so that you can evaluate what your customers or followers like best.

3. Profit from the Paid Advertising Feature

Even if your growth strategy is organic, you can still use the paid advertising feature on Instagram to instantly boost your account and make it more visible.

To take advantage of the paid Instagram feature, you will need to link your Instagram business account and your Facebook page.

4. Individuals can shop through the business account in the most hassle-free way

An Instagram business profile allows you to tag direct links to the products on your Instagram feed. This allows you to make your Instagram account an online shop while increasing your reach and revenue.

How to create an Instagram business page?

We will show you how to create an Instagram Business Page.

Sign up on Instagram and switch to a Business Account

You must sign up if you’re new to Instagram.

Next, tap on your profile to open “settings”. Click on “account” to open the settings page. You will then see the “switch from professional account” option. You don’t need to worry about switching to a business account. It is completely free.

Choose a Category

You will now need to choose a category that best describes your brand and work. This could be artist, musician or entrepreneur. You can also choose whether the category will be displayed under your profile name.

After clicking “done”, a second interface will appear asking you to choose “are you a creator or business?” If you are a content creator or public figure, choose “creator”, while if your brand is a business, select “business”.

Connect to Facebook (or NOT)

Depending on which option you choose, you might need to enter your contact information in the next step. After clicking “next”, Instagram will prompt you to “connect with Facebook”.

You don’t need to connect to Facebook but you will be able to access features such as ad promos or shopping tools if you connect your Instagram business page to Facebook.

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